2017 North American Para-Cycling Point Series

2017 North American Para-Cycling Point Series

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2017 North American Para-Cycling Point Series

North American Para-Cycling Point Series

Starting January 1st , ending December 31st.


Minimum requirements of all races

  • Race must be listed on USA Hand Bike Circuit a minimum of 1 month before race start.

  • Basic race listing procedure should be followed as outlined under Race Director support on USA Hand Bike Circuit website.

  • Points will be awarded 10 positions deep per category

  • Follow race listing instructions. Detailed steps found here. To list race please use our contact form found here.

  •  Types of racing include Time trial, criterium, circuit and road race.

                -Time trial is a timed individual race.

                -Criterium racing is a timed or multi lap event. Laps are typically less than 1 mile.

                -Circuit race is a multi-lap event with laps that are more than 1 mile in length.

                -Road race is an event that can be point to point or large laps greater than 7 miles.

                 Typical road race is a large loop


 Points will be awarded by classification. Points will be awarded for each event and not general classification.

1st– 200pts. 6th-175 pts.
2nd-195 pts. 7th-170 pts.
3rd-190 pts 8th-165 pts.
4th-185 pts. 9th-160 pts.
5th-180 pts. 10th-155 pt.





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