Red, White and Blue in Brown Boise

Red, White and Blue in Brown Boise

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Red, White and Blue in Brown Boise

There is a fair chance if you raced Para Road Nationals in Boise this year you were one degree from Will Groulx. He worked behind the scenes with race planning, picked racers up at the airport and then most likely beat you in at least one of the many races, if not all. Since arriving on the handcycle scene eight years ago, he has won every National Championship event he has attended. This year was no exception. His TT time was fast enough to be first H2, second H3 and third H4. He is a guy you want to hate but cannot because he is too nice.It’s no wonder that he is headed to another Paralympics.

Results from this year’s events are evidence that if you were on the podium you probably had to train a minimum of 12 hours a week and have a coach or use a training app. You probably own a handcycle made of carbon fiber that eclipses $12,000, and has a power meter and carbon wheels. Add in the near $700 price tag for travel, meals and hotel room and it’s quickly evident that the sport is a very large investment. A portion of the athletes participating received grants from CAF, making it possible for them to participate. A big thank you to CAF. for helping host the event and being the backbone of support for many athletes.

The TT was challenging. A fast course on paper, with the addition of wind it turned to one where fighting for speed and momentum was a challenge. A tight 180 turnaround added a technical surprise.   Even the winners came away from the event with a “what just happened” expression. On the men’s side, H5 David Berling posted the fastest time of the day; no doubt he felt the pressure from second place Ivan Perez. Third was Josue Barron. Matt Tingley won H4, continuing his roll fresh off wins at ToAD. Mike Sales, a familiar competitor of Tingley’s, was close enough to steal the win but clobbered a centerline cone on the course, causing his foot to dislodge. He settled for a close second. Dustin Baker crushed it for third. Owen Daniels had the best H3 time; teammate Alfonso Garibay was second, and Dan Evans third. Will Groulx was the only athlete in H2.

The Womens TT was on the same course and gave them the same general quicksand feeling of no speed. Lera Doederlein was the lone H5 competitor, Ryen Reed captured first H4 with Dianne Leigh second and Debra Freed third. In H3, the battle of Alicia Dana, Jenna Rollman and Gabrielle Platt resulted in Dana on top, Rollman next, and Platt third.


The Para Nationals Criterium was on the same course as the Professional  Boise Twilight Criterium held later that evening. It was a fast four corner course that had the winners averaging over 24 mph. To no one’s surprise, the large group of competitors men and women across all categories lunged off the line at the start to jockey for position going into the first corner. Race favorite Mike Sales found himself in the hay bales early in the race while the others navigated for position. The lead bikes were Tingley and Daniels, who swapped positions throughout the race using the turns to cause stress to those in chase. Eventually the slinky effect caused fractures in the large lead group. Unique to this race was that the chasers held pace with the leaders and eventually reattached just in time for two laps to go. After bridging to the lead pack, Dan Evans wasted no time in taking the lead and opening a small gap that had to be closed down on the bell lap. After the final turn Tingley came in behind the laboring Evans while Daniels positioned for the sling shot to the finish. Tingley read the move, countered, and stole the overall win from Daniels. Josue Barron earned his first stars and stripes National Championship jersey by winning H5. Omar Duran was second and Jose Ivan Perez third. For the women, Alicia Dana missed the lead group in the beginning fray but held a steady TT pace, cornered well, reeled in riders, and finished just on Craig Cornwall’s (H3) wheel. Rollman and Platt were second and third, and Ryen Reed easily won H4, followed by Dianne Sumner. Lera Doederlein won H5.

Camera located on bumper of Matt Tingley


Sunday’s road race showcased a course with rolling terrain and a final climb that kept racers in check waiting to attack on the final accent. The race was 18 miles with 800 feet elevation gain, short enough that the pace would be kept high for the duration. All classifications started at the same time in a mass start that was neutralized down a long hill.  The racing started with an attack by Jvan Perez that took most by surprise. The move forced David Berling to respond early because Perez was not being pulled back by the pack. The two stayed off the front the entire race. Berling, being the lighter, more experienced rider,pulled away on the final climb to win another National Championship jersey. Perez was second and Barron third. Tingley was marked by Mike Sales who recovered well from his hay bale incident the day before. Sales and Tingley separated from the others and towed Owen Daniels with them. Sales exploded at the base of the last climb. This was his final chance to win a Jersey and he was up to the task. Tingley didn’t match the acceleration allowing Sales to extend his lead to 12 seconds and a National Championship. Daniels kept the other H3’s in his mirror as he finished. His lead over Garibay and Evans was 1 minute. Garibay crossed the finish line just ahead of Evans in a rush for the line. Will Groulx easily won H2.

An occurring theme for Alicia Dana is her ability to keep pace with many of her male competitors. She again was able to accelerate and compete with them on the road course, leaving the other women far behind. She crossed the finish in first again, just behind Garibay and Evans.


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