Race Flyers

It’s highly recommend to utilize a registration website like Bike-reg.com. USA Hand Bike Circuit can list your information and registration link for streamlined directions.


A race flyer should contain the following:

  1. Race location and directions
  2. Schedule of events (include Classes, Categories & Distances)
  3. Field limits
  4. Race times
  5. Prize list, include total amount, number of places & pay out for each. Overall prize amount per category, cash and or merchandise
  6. Course description and type; road race, crit, TT, track race (maybe defining the difference between a crit and a circuit)
  7. Event discipline; road/track, mountain, cyclocross
  8. Entry fee, late fee & unattached rider fee if any
  9. Registration time & last day of early registration
  10. Event/Promoter contact information

Other good things to include would be:

  1. Any special rules that apply(reminder that special rules should be cleared with the Chief or LA/RC)
  2. Website link
  3. Sponsors Logos
  4. Hotel accommodations
  5. Any special notes regarding support, what happens in the event of foul weather, etc.

This chart makes it easy for racers to find answers to common questions.