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  1. 🕔 11:37, 15.September 2015


    What are the best tires for handcycling. 650c clincher?

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  2. 🕔 11:54, 15.September 2015


    650 c selection is pretty limited. Vittoria Evo CX is a really fast tire. The Continental Gatorskin is a great training tire and the Continental GP4000 does it all well.

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  3. 🕔 12:20, 21.September 2015


    Marathons’s do’s and dont’s

    Marathon seasons are spring and fall. The cooler conditions typical in those seasons are suitable for runners going the distance. The distance is 26.2 miles. A distance established for the 1924 Summer Olympics. All marathons have the same distance in common but elevation gain and loss, course navigation, course setting, city or rural, road conditions, open course or closed course, runner integrated or open road and finally rider support while on the course are all elements that should be considered before signing up for an event. If you over look one of these key elements you could be disappointed.

    This is my short list.


    – Talk to a friend ask if they did the event or know someone that did.

    – Check elevation charts posted on the race website

    – Check if the event has multiple parallel events. If a walk, 5k or half marathon are included you might be flirting with the potential of running into a wall of runners at some point out on the course. If your expected time is 1.5 hrs or better you may want to investigate how the final 1/3 of the race is handled. If your time is greater then 2 hours it may not be as much a concern.

    – Check the start list if possible. Know your competition. Make alliances with other riders your speed. If you can share the ride with another racer it could become an epic event for you. Time trialing a mass start event gun to tape is great if your the lead rider. If your chasing the lead rider you will be faster if you team up.

    – Check your handcycle over before leaving for the event. Insure it is in good working condition.

    – Be prepared for all weather conditions.


    – Carb load with a heavy calorie laden meal the night before a race. Your better off to stay as close to your normal routine as possible.

    – Enter a race without a plan. If your trying to better a time from the year before you will approach the race differently then if your trying to mark and beat a certain competitor. It may even change the way your train and prepare for the race.

    – Overlook the road conditions. Tubular tires are great. They are almost impossible to pinch flat but glass, gravel or a sharp rock can end your day quick. When riding on tubulars stay more to the center of the road. Stay out of debris when possible. Clinchers can offer more protection against flats when properly inflated. They may not in some cases offer the same performance but it can be one less thing to worry about when navigating a marathon course.

    – Race without a tube change. Nothing is more depressing then getting a flat on a race course and having to crawl back to the start line. If you have a guide rider they will be more then happy to carry the tire change. Otherwise carry it on your bike.

    -Try a new energy drink or food that may hurry your stomach. Stick to your routine.

    – Approach a course without knowing what the road markers look like. Anyone who has done a marathon has likely gone off course. Its going to happen. I’ve seen the pace car take a lead runner off course. Good idea to have a copy of the cue sheet on you just in case. Modern day Garmins can be loaded with the course so you can be prompted of approaching turns.

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  4. 🕔 3:04, 29.September 2015


    Just want to clarify – looks like a “complete” (?) list of races will be viewable in January? Also curious to know about the East/West points series and what that’s all about…thanks!

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    • 🕔 14:33, 29.September 2015

      Ken Bestine

      On 9/30/15 the Points series guidelines will be launched. The list of races will be work in progress. A tentative schedule will be posted in the near future.

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