VOS Recap

VOS Recap

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VOS Recap

David Berling is no stranger to The Valley of the Sun (VOS) bicycle race. He actually trains on the TT course regularly. He nailed the opening stage of VOS with a solid TT that was just above 96% of national standard. (The lower the percentage of standard the better the performance) He later said,”Competition is getting so fast these days. I barely won and I had a great TT.” Speed has not come easy to David. Because of the loss of his right bicep and other upper extremity injuries, he realized early in
his handcycling career that power was not going to be the primary ingredient/component in his racing style. Like all HS racers, power is in the recipe, but David also understood he was going to have to race smart and develop a handcycle that complimented his physical riding abilities. Through extensive
research and testing, what he created is light and aero. His race result at VOS could spring board him into a great early season peak and world cup tour.

David Berling

Copy of 2019 VOS HC TT Factored

Other race standouts are Ryan Pinney and Alfonso Garibay, who were the only racers to beat Berling all weekend. Ryan took advantage of a slight lead on the final corner of the criterium that he stretched into an easy homestretch victory sprint, besting Garibay and Berling. Pinney and Berling may have been the favorites on the final day but Team Possibilities Garibay was stalking them and they knew it. “Garibay
has developed some serious acceleration power over the off season and it has not gone unnoticed,” said Berling. Brandon “Bambino” Lyons TT’d close to standard as well as Barry Wilcox, who has his eyes focused on Tokyo 2020 and the debut of the Hl category in the Paralympics. Jenna Rollman had a good weekend and is poised to have a super Redlands campaign. Ted Moss is getting better every year and will be
pressuring the younger generation riders to get faster or move over.

photo credit Mike Scott

The Valley of the Sun is a must do event and if you didn’t make it out this year mark it on the calendar
for next year. You won’t be disappointed.

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