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Why not start the season at an event called the Swamp Classic?¬† Many may feel their rear wheels are in a swamp while racing¬† with World Champions Tim De Vries, Jennette Jansen, Will Groulx and David Randall. While others will mention this handcycle race has 4 World Champions in it and the sponsor can’t produce a dime for 1st place overall. Not even a coffee will be awarded to the victor.. I’m not saying a word and because the four mentioned are racers with a ton of street credit and love for the sport they won’t either. Seriously , how often do you race with 4 World Champions at a domestic event.

The Swamp offers a road race, time trial and criterium. The circuits were well received last year, the road race especially had the right mix that gave no one a distinct advantage. A 7 mile TT will be a perfect distance to challenge racers in the afternoon after doing a road race.

Last year World Champion Tim De Vries was the guy that set the pace to beat. I’d imagine again this year he will do the same.

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As of 1-23-19 Top End steps up and offers a handsome payout for deserving racers !!
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