Redlands Recap

Redlands Recap

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Redlands Recap


Redlands Race Recap

To say a race can have one winner would be true in the case of finishing order only.  In 2007 David Randall, skinned up and bloody from crashing in the CSC Criterium certainly at that moment had every reason to think differently. Like winners do, he did not accept the disappointment of the day’s results but had already started planning the steps to get to the next level. With many of life’s hurdles behind him his near perfect performance at 2016’s Redlands Cycling Classic is a snap shot of what success through perseverance looks like.

Redlands has become West coast’s beacon for paracycling competition.  53 racers in 11 different classifications participated. A highly competitive MH3 classification was loaded with talent that flew in from several states. The MH4 division had the high flying Ryan Pinney who remains undefeated this year in his class. The table was set for the two National Criterium Champions Randall MH3 and Pinney MH4 to meet head to head on a weekend that hosts two short crits and a medium length circuit race.  The two split the criterium wins and Pinney edged out Randall in a sprint to win the circuit race.  Will Groulx continues his machine like march towards the Paralympics.  His “souplesse” appearance boils over into performance that his competitors are currently chasing. California native Jenna Rollman is building momentum earned from a good showing in the LA marathon. Matt Robinson had a mishap that was captured by an onlooker and shown in the video below. No one was injured, just the front wheel.


Three of the “C level “races are behind us. A full calendar remains as summer approaches. Below are the current leaders for the North American Para-cycling Points Series.

H1 Stephen Zuravel
H2 Will Groulx
H3 David Randall
H4 Ryan Pinney
H5 David Berling
Women Jenna Rollman
Recumbent / Trike Mathew Rodriguez

Race results for the weekend.

results redlands 1

results redlands 2



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