Pensacola Race Recap

Pensacola Race Recap

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Pensacola Race Recap

    Most travel to Pensacola for the beaches. Can’t say that’s why I did and this is my third trip. While I was at a local watering hole I was asked why I was visiting and when I answered “for the handcycle race” they knew exactly what I was talking about and were planning on watching the crit Sunday morning. I have to admit that made my beverage taste all the better.

Graeme Obree  the “Flying Scotsman” is said to be the best cyclist to come from Scotland. I’m beginning to think Kenny Herriot is infringing on that reputation. A journeyman racer that is appreciated by all that cross his path swept the weekend of racing in Pensacola for a 2nd year. During a conversation with him I had to ask the question “so what’s your secret? “ He looks at me inquisitively. I asked “Your head, how do you keep it so clean shaven?” He answered “electric razor of course”. All joking aside he is in better shape this year and plans on improving more for next year.  He is more than happy with his highly modified Top End “RX” that has Di2 shifting which he adds is his favorite improvement to his race bike.

The racing was competitive across all categories.  A nice prize purse heated up racing that started with a TT on Saturday morning followed by a RR and ending with a Sunday morning crit. The race host, David Mayo, put together one of the nicer swag bags offered at any handcycle event ever.  Two guys that train together most weekends raced each other to the closest ending with a photo finish at the crit. David Mayo will have to wait 51 weekends to even the score with his training partner and good friend Josh Sharpe.







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