Amish 250 Recap

Amish 250 Recap

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Amish 250 Recap


Warm temperatures and sunny skies are perfect for putting up hay says Amish management. If training can be related to hay, a barn full was put up.  This year the camp supported 20 different riders varying from Olympic level to beginner level experience. Over 400 lbs. of ice was used to keep drinks and food cold. 24 gallons of chocolate milk was consumed, 300 bottles of water, 250 bottles of Gatorade, 6 lbs. of turkey, 6 lbs. of ham, 12 loafs of bread, 4 batches of super-secret Amish formula puppy chow, 10 lbs. of pasta, 5 pizzas , 70 chicken wings, 10 lbs. of chicken breasts and 1 tasty Amish made and served dinner.

Amish barn builders love progress. Nothing brings pleasure to a barn builder more than seeing a 2 story structure pierce the blue horizon with its roof peaks by the end of a hard day of swinging a hammer. Kevin Gnehm is a prime example of progress and what the Amish 250 is geared to promote. Kevin has progressively improved over the last three years to riding with the “A” group. This especially in 2016 was no easy task. 3 National team members and 2 Olympians kept a torrid pace while on the road. Kevin was awarded the first “Most Improved Hammer”. This is the highest Amish acknowledgement.

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Amish barn building is a group effort. A big thanks to Lake Country Bike, Dave, Craig, Kris, Chris, John, Bill, Mack, Madalyn, Mason, Jill, Katie, Joey and Barb for their super support . Thank you Wegmans, French Creek Tavern, Pittsburgh Steel Wheelers and Five & 20 Spirits and Brewing for their kind donations.

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