Amish 250 Announcement!

Amish 250 Announcement!

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Amish 250 Announcement!


The Amish 250 Handcycle Camp is excited to announce Alfredo De Los Santos has committed to attending.  Amish management commented,”having the nation’s second fastest handcycle racer attend is momentous.” Achilles Elite Team athlete De Los Santos better known as “Freddie” has a fantastic work ethic along with a team player attitude. Freddie being there automatically improves the quality of the experience and training for all. As if that news isn’t big enough three National Champions will be attending Sara Domson, Roger C. Peace Team members David Randall and Alicia Dana who is also bound for Rio.





David Randall



Alicia Dana


Amish elders have deliberated for weeks. The beard ban has been lifted but only temporarily while camp is in session.  Beards will be reinstated promptly at twelve midnight on the thirteenth. I for one am thankful. A bearded face is a happy face.

Day one and two preview.

Capture 1

The 7th of August kicks off the camp with the only full on ride of the week. The effort will take place in Allegheny State Park Red House district. The course boasts two seven mile climbs that are often used by domestic pros for specific time trial training. The gradual nature of the climbs is perfect for developing steady power output.

red house


August 8th will be a fast 50+ miles. The groups will fly down the escarpment to Lake Erie. The downhill section and flats leading into Pennsylvania will likely be some of the highest average speeds for the week.  Even with 2300 ft. of elevation gain.

westfield elevation pic-1

More updates to come!

Register for the Amish 250 here
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