Amish 250 2017 RECAP

Amish 250 2017 RECAP

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Amish 250 2017 RECAP

Amish 250 2017 Recap

                The Amish 250 could easily hang its straw hat on the hook of good food, hospitality, beautiful countryside, a road network ideally suited for handcycling and lastly lifelong friendships that form during training, but it doesn’t. What it does target and achieve is a consecutive series of arm blowing events that can be compared to a religious experience. Soul searching that occurs during brutal climbs where you and your training partners grit meets the road. The “Roller Coaster of Pain”, “Hopkins Road”, “Red House” and “Bear Lake” will keep you up at night thinking what and why did I do this to myself. Coaches will ask why you did that to yourself. Friends will ask you why you did that to yourself. Wives and husbands will ask why you did that to yourself. Girlfriends and boyfriends will give you that questioning look and lastly the family pet will probably not care. I will try to put in simple terms why the Amish 250. Intestinal fortitude that can only be fortified by testing ones inner limits to the point of near braking then reset and repeat until something better is created then you started with.

                2017 was the first year where two distinct cycling clubs participated. Capone Handcycle Club of Chicago and Club Hand Bike du Quebec. Also new for this year was the option of riding with one of three different groups that offered varying degrees of difficulty and course length. All that participated distinguished themselves in their respective groups. The start list is below.

                Jose       Alzati

                Nadia    Barrera

                Maxime Beliveau

                Grant    Berthiaume        Capone Cycling

                Leah      Cuffe                     Invictus Team Canada

                Pat         Desnoyers

                Jean-Paul Dumont

                Luke      Gingras

                Kevin     Gnehm                                 Capone Cycling Club

                John      Haupt                    Milwaukee Bicycle Company

                Michael Knapp                 Capone Cycling Club Chicago

                Rico        Morneau             Club Handbike du Quebec

                Theodore Moss

                Megan O’Neil                    Capone Cycling

                Pierre    Ouellet

                Michael Sprouse              Red White & Blue

                Peggy Sprouse

                Michael Trauner               Invictus Team Canada

                Ken Bestine                         Capone Cycling Club Of Chicago

                Bob Swanson                     Capone Cycling Club Of Chicago

                                Another first for 2017 was a cash purse for the Empty Tank TT held on the last day of the event. THANK YOU Carbonbike for sponsoring !

$75 1st Rico Morneau                      Club Handbike du Quebec

$50 2nd Ken Bestine                          Capone Cycling Club Of Chicago

$25 3rd Luke Gingras

$50  Lanterne Rouge  Michael Knapp       Capone Cycling Club Chicago

The Amish Hammer award for the most improved rider was earned by Bobby Swanson. The Amish Mafia got their way and was privileged to deliver the coveted inscribed hammer.

A big thanks to our sponsors Carbonbike, Wegmans, Lake Country Bike, Five and 20, Krasa’s Kove, and South Shore Winery, Capone Cycling Club.  Also thank you Barb Bestine, Mack Bestine, Madalyn Bestine, Mason Bestine , Coach Mack, Emma Dennis, Craig Nighman and Dave Dennis.




News Alert!! “250” headquarters raided by Amish Mafia! Mafia reportedly unhappy, terms must be met or Amish sanctions to be placed on “250“participants. Amish 250 Elders are scrambling to meet terms. “We will have this resolved before August 6th which is the kick off date for 2017” says Elder Abraham with confidence in his eye. We’ve dealt with these types before and it won’t be the last time I’m sure. Apparently the issue stems from handcycles passing buggies in a no passing buggy zone last year.

We are quickly approaching camp. If flying, please coordinate flight times with or call 814-323-3026. An airport shuttle will be available.


Register here!!




Hello Amish barn builders. You must be happy now the fields are tilled and ready for planting. I know, I know, you have been drooling over this log pile since last fall, just waiting to turn it into planks for a new barn. Patience is not a word found in the Amish dictionary. Little known fact. Soon August will be here and then a barn they will become.

Amish Elders warn against being tardy for barn building training. Your brethren depend on you to be ready on August 6th.  Carbonbike’s Chris Peterson has recently discovered he is 90% Amish after performing a genetic lineage check through Ancestry DNA. He always suspected a connection due to his interest in large wooden barns and horses. Chris has offered to sponsor the camp since getting in touch with his Amish roots.. Thank you Carbonbike!!


Elders have recognized the need for a “C” group that will handle less miles but still very challenging rides. This is exciting for us because the apprentice barn builders need to start with training that can be absorbed and utilized later in their barn building years.


Amish 250 2017 itinerary


Sunday 8-6-17 = Red House District.  26 mile RR.  We leave the hotel at 9 am. It’s a 50 minute drive to the park. Park address is 2373 ASP Route #1-Suite 3. Salamanca, NY 14779. The ride at the park starts at 11 am.

Dinner: 6 pm at Holiday inn Express lobby free spaghetti dinner


Monday = Westfield loop 52 miles B and C group leave at 10 am. A group 10:30 am.
Dinner: Pine Junction leave hotel at 6 pm. Average dinner is $15 total.


Tuesday = Bear Lake 45 miles. B and C group leave at 10:00 am. A group 10:30 am.

Dinner: French Creek Tavern order into Hotel lobby.6 ish. Pre order from menu will coordinate pre ride. Average dinner $14


Wednesday = Hogs back and Roller coaster of Pain 45 miles B and C group leave at 10:00 am. A group 10:30 am.

Dinner: Authentic Amish meal. $17 per person. Served in Amish home. Leave Hotel at 5:15 pm. Payment must be cash or check.


Thursday = Easy Ride, Alpe d’Huez B, C and A group leave at 9:30 am.  Wine Tour leaves parking lot at 1:30pm.

Dinner: Meal at South Shore Winery after Wine tour. No charge meal.


Friday= Morning 8.5 mile TT and Waits Corners 38 miles. All group 10 am.

Dinner: BBQ at Bestine’s 6 pm.


Saturday= Easy spin starts at 9:30 am.  End of camp



Registration link




Video of 2016 . Courtesy of John Haupt

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