5/1/16 Race Weekend Recap

5/1/16 Race Weekend Recap

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5/1/16 Race Weekend Recap

Your English maybe accented with ya’ll , yen’s  or eghh . Events could be found in each of these regions on the east coast that use these terms with pride.

 Rome, Georgia featured the longest road race of the year at a distance of 36 miles. It was dominated by H4 Tom Davis and Krige Schabort . After breaking away on the rolling, 2 lap course Krige, the local favorite and wheelchair sports royalty looked over to see his only rival on the day that could keep his pace. He asked “who is this that I’m racing with?” The racer answered “Tom”. Krige grunted “Tom who?” “Tom Davis” he replied. The next 30 + miles Krige was treated like a king by USA handcycling’s new “CEO” and given a free pull at 24.5 mph.

 Defi Sportif saw Charles Moreau in good form and using a new Carbonbike. He is healthy and it shows. H1 Rob Zimney made the trip north and left with a 1st place while Alicia Dana continued to show her dominance in the Women’s division.

 Pittsburgh’s greasy road surfaces after a hard rain proved treacherous for some while navigating the city marathon.  Pittsburgh’s “Steel Wheelers “netted the top three spots with a strong team performance.


Series Leaders

H1 Kevin Mills
H2 Will Groulx
H3 David Randall
H4 Ryan Pinney
H5 David Berling
Women Jenna Rollman
Recumbent / Trike Mathew Rodriguez


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