Redlands recap 2018

Redlands recap 2018

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Redlands recap 2018

Redlands 2018 – Team PossAbilities defends home turf

   Jerry Young, Brett Richards, Jenna Rollman and Solomon Revils all had a perfect weekend of racing that was altered by snow on Big Bear and seared by heat in Yucaipa.  Young dominated the field while winning MH4. Team PossaAbilities Brett Richards fended off teammate Alfonso Gairiby for the overall in MH3 and Jenna Rollman stayed consistent for the win in the womens division. For the weekend team PossAbilities had racers in the top 3 places of all but 3 handcycle classifications.

   It has been said that cycling is a team sport practiced by individuals. No one individual can reach peak performance without support of family, coaches, teammates, training partners and manufacturers. You can certainly excel while missing one of the above elements but will never truly reach full potential. Team PossAbilities has developed a winning formula for its team members. Pedro Payne and Cottie Williams have demonstrated what team support can do for individual riders. Simply by looking over the current national standings Team PossAbilities is dominating the circuit. They have stacked riders at the top of 3 out of 6 classifications.


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