Integrated Cycling

Integrated cycling can be defined two ways. The first is riding and racing together in the same event at the same time on the same course. At times this is possible given course configuration, event type and field size. At no time are Para-cyclist competing against able body two wheeled cyclist. Depending on the event they may be on the course at the same time but scored separately.

It can be done without issue in time trials and point to point road races. Criteriums and short circuit races can prove to be more of a challenge due to vision, speed diversity, space awareness and cornering ability. The second definition and most advisable is combining a handcycle race with a cycling event that has the ability to have separate start times.

Integrated cycling can be rewarding for several reasons. Raising social awareness, economical, coping with municipalities, utilizing road closures and volunteers. If a cycling event already exists, working in conjunction with them can save time and energy.